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Python Tutorials

In the lab we use a set of Python libraries, within OpenSesame to program our studies.

Python is a popular programming language with a simple, easy to learn syntax that emphasizes readability.

Anaconda is a distribution of Python for scientific computing. Anaconda has many very useful third-party libraries such as Numpy, Pandas, and Matplotlib built in, so installing Anaconda is much easier than the regular Python installation.

Anaconda Navigator is a GUI tool that is included in the Anaconda distribution and makes it easy to configure, install, and launch tools such as Jupyter Notebook, an open-source web application that allows data scientists to create and share documents that integrate live code, equations, computational output, visualizations, and other multimedia resources, along with explanatory text in a single document. This article explains the benefits of using Jupyter.

To get started with Python follow this (excellent!) Python tutorial.

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