Morris Lab

Individual differences in reading and visual spatial learning

Together with Jay Rueckl and Oliver Sawi at UConn, we are investigating individual differences in complex word recognition.

Orthographic Cues to Lexical Stress

My dissertation work examined the question of how changes in word stress can be encoded in an alphabetic orthography.

Morphologial Productivity

Complex words may be recognized either as whole units retrieved from memory or via their constituents, and affix productivity, as reflected in type frequency, may be one dimension along which this distinction is drawn.

Epicene "They"

Over the last two decades, there has been an increase in the use of the pronoun ‘they’ to refer to singular, epicene antecedents.

Reading Complex Words

Much of our work in the lab examines how we read words that consist of more that one morpheme, or ‘unit of meaning

Morphology and Syntax

Work on the how we read words that contain derivational and inflectional morphology has contributed to a greater understanding of combinatorial structure in language.