Morris Lab

Data Recording Procedures

To record brainwaves from participants we use the BrainVision Recorder software program from Brain Products.

  • You must start Recorder in administrator mode..

  • Right-click on the Recorder icon and choose Run as administrator.

The toolbar

  • You can change the way the data are displayed by using the toolbar buttons:


  • From left to right the buttons are (1) Start Monitoring (2) Impedence Check, (3) Generate square wave (4) Start Recording (5) Pause Recording (6) Stop Recording (7) Stop Monitoring (8) Zoom Out (9) Zoom In (10) Increase the scaling factor (11) Decrease the scaling factor (12) Decrease the number of channels shown (13) Increase the number of channels shown (14) Switch to the next group of channels (15) Switch to the prior group of channels (16) Baseline Correction in Display (note only the baseline of the display is changed, and not the actual data)

workspace files

  • A workspace saves all amplifier-specific settings and some basic project settings. Workspace files have the extension .rwksp

  • Open the default 32-channel workspace and edit it to create a new workspace for each project.

  • In the Data File Settings dialog box…

  • …the Raw File Folder setting specifies the destination directory for the EEG data. By default this is C:\Vision\Raw Files. You should specify a sub-directory for each specific project, e.g. C:\Vision\Raw Files\M21

  • The Automatic Filename Generation setting generates automatic file names consisting of a Prefix and Counter.

    • The prefix is the same for all files recorded using the workspace.

    • The counter is incremented each time you save data. You can specify the length of the counter by entering a number between 4 and 10 to generate numbers from 4 to 10 digits long.

  • The Current Number value specifies the start number of the counter.

  • The Next Resulting Filename value shows the name that results from the combination of the prefix and counter values.

  • Do not change any settings in the Amplifier , Filter or Segmentation\Averaging dialog boxes


Checking Impedences and Recording Data

  • To check if the amplifier is working properly click on the Start Monitoring button.

  • If no errors are encountered, EEG waves appear in the Recorder window running from left to right.

  • Note: At the end of the channel list there is a scaling bar that helps you to assess the signal size.