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Managing Files

Efficient file management is crucial to enable the lab to run smoothly

However, keeping electronic documents organized can be quite a chore in today’s connected world. That’s where file management comes in.

Here are some resources for learning how to work with the files on both Windows and MacOS machines:


Windows Basics: Working with Files

Mac OS

Understanding the File And Folder Structure Of Your Mac

How to Move Files and Folders on Your Mac

Both the Finder on MacOS and FileExplorer on Windows are limited in their functionality.

The most obvious shortcoming is that you can only navigate one directory at a time. You need to open multiple windows in order to drag and drop files from one folder to another but that is unintuitive at best.

On Windows One Commander is a free replacement for File Explorer that allows for dual-pane navigation that allows you to open two different directories in the same window and move files quickly.

On MacOS Commander One, also free, provides similar features.

More about file management

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